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3 Ways to Get Psyched for Exercise—Even When You Really Don’t Want To

By: Megan Mae

Let’s face it. Exercise isn’t something we always want to do. No matter how much we might love it, there are just some days where “vegging out” on the couch sounds much more enjoyable. There’s nothing wrong with a rest day (in fact, it’s encouraged!), but when every day becomes a rest day… your fitness journey could suffer.

So, what can we do on those days when we’re really not motivated to exercise? Try these ideas below.

Pick workouts you love.

There are so many ways to get your body moving. When I was younger, I started with gymnastics, but later fell in love with competitive cheerleading. Now as an adult, I’ve done HIIT training, Pilates, weightlifting, running and yoga and I like those, too. If there’s a workout you really hate, don’t do it! When you start doing workouts you love, they won’t feel like “work” at all. 

Make a fun playlist. 

Music can impact us in so many ways. When you’re getting ready to go to the gym or for a long run, make a playlist that really gets you pumped. (You’ll feel a rush of adrenaline when your favorite song comes on.) The right playlist can make any workout fun. If you like the element of surprise, download apps like Pandora or Spotify, pick a playlist or station with the type of music you like and see what comes on.  

Reward yourself. 

A fitness journey is a real commitment, and I believe we all deserve to be rewarded for our hard work. To do this, create fun rewards for yourself every time you exercise—it could be something as simple as grabbing your favorite (healthy) smoothie or letting yourself Netflix and chill after your gym session. Having something fun to look forward to immediately after a workout can be a great incentive to get you up and moving.

Which one works for you?

To your health!



Megan Mae

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