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Let’s Talk About Meditation

By: Megan Mae

In today’s busy world, meditation gives us a way to find inner peace. It teaches us to be more mindful, focused and aware of our thoughts, speech and actions, and gives us a healthy practice to cope with whatever life throws our way. From a medical perspective, there is scientific proof that meditation can improve sleep patterns, reduce anxiety and depression and even lower blood pressure.

While most people have heard of meditation, few realize that there are many different kinds of it—so if you don’t think it’s for you, you might just have to try a different type. Read below for five types I love:  

Spiritual Meditation:

Drawing on the belief that we’re all controlled by a greater power, spiritual meditation is rooted in the desire to make us the best we can be. Focus on tenets of whatever religion you follow and bring to your awareness thoughts of love, kindness and compassion. The end goal of spiritual meditation is to better connect with ourselves, whatever higher power we believe in, and the understanding that we all are one.

Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation technique involves acknowledging reality, being mindful of your body and thoughts, not judging yourself for anything you think or feel, focusing on your breath and learning to live in the present moment. All you need is good posture, a straight back and the decision to be completely transparent with yourself. The result is creating a strong mental base to help you overcome negative feelings, reduce depression and anxiety as well as live a more fulfilling and happier life overall.  

Movement Meditation:

Do you have trouble sitting still while you meditate? Do you focus better when you’re moving? As its name implies, this type of meditation requires you to get up and move your body, but to do so mindfully. There are many different types of movement meditation, like walking, yoga, martial arts and even gardening. Once you are able to be present in your body and mind, you can practice this type of meditation during any activity. 

Focused Meditation:

Today’s society has taught us that multitasking is the only way to succeed, but the truth is, doing so can lead to a scattered mind and an inability to complete tasks to the best of our ability. Focused meditation is the opposite of multitasking, as it is rooted in the power of concentration. Here, you focus on one thing (like drinking a cup of coffee, for example) and stop doing anything else. While you drink this cup of coffee, don’t let the dog out, don’t add more things to your to-do list, and don’t check your phone for the 100th time. Focus your attention entirely on the activity at hand. If your mind starts to wander, bring it back. Being present in the moment is all about focus. 

Visualization Meditation:

Think of an image that brings you joy. It could be your favorite vacation destination, your home, a beautiful lake or something else. Fully immerse yourself in this mental image and the positive feelings it evokes from you. You can also focus on the goal you want to achieve and see it as done.This “visualization” technique harnesses the creativity of the mind to spark positive personal transformation. 

To your health!


Megan Mae

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