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Protect Your Energy

By: Megan Mae

Three types of energy drive us: physical, mental and emotional. To be our best selves (and make sure we don’t burn out), it’s important that we protect all three.

Today, life tends to feel “busier,” or at least more out of control, than ever before. Many people are constantly stressed, tired and feeling depleted of their energy. If we continue to run ourselves ragged and count on coffee and Redbull to get us through our day, we’re sure to struggle mentally, emotionally and physically—through fatigue, headaches, slow response times, moodiness, poor concentration and a lack of enjoyment in life overall.

The good news is that we can combat this fatigue and boost our overall energy with a few shifts in our daily habits. Here are some simple ways we can protect and even improve our energy:

Live well. 

That means nourishing our bodies with good food, keeping ourselves moving and getting those eight hours of sleep every night. These are the basics of a healthy lifestyle and practicing these healthy habits is the key to optimizing our energy.

Take a break when you need it. 

Our bodies have something called “ultradian rhythm,” which is an energy cycle that repeats every 90 to 120 minutes. When you feel yourself yawning or losing concentration, it means your rhythm is dipping and you need to rest and reset. It doesn’t take a lot: just go for a quick walk, stretch, journal, meditate or simply take deep breaths. 

Try not to multitask.

It may seem like multitasking is the way to go, but doing so actually drains your brain power and makes you less productive. Focus on one task, activity or person at a time, and you’ll feel better about it. (And yes, that means NOT checking your phone mid-conversation.)

Calm your mind. 

Most of us have experienced stress draining our energy, so don’t stress yourself out! Try not to be too critical of yourself, don’t worry too much, don’t gossip and beware of what you consume on TV and social media.

Make protecting your energy part of your daily routine. 

If there are activities that drain your energy that aren’t crucial to your daily life, limit or avoid them. The same goes for people—you deserve to surround yourself with people that revitalize you and make you feel happy. And finally, spend at least 10 minutes a day doing something that decompresses you. For example, I love to meditate, read or do some light stretches. Do what makes you feel at ease and relaxed. After all, you deserve it.

To your health!


Megan Mae

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