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Three Benefits of Superfoods

By: Megan Mae

Have you ever heard of superfoods?

While there is no exact definition of a “superfood,” it is essentially any food that is packed with large amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Their high vitamin, antioxidant and mineral content acts as another layer of our body’s internal defense system—helping us ward off diseases, promoting good heart health and weight loss, reducing the effects of aging and so much more.

While most superfoods are plant-based, some fish  (like salmon and tuna) also fall into that category. Surprisingly, so many delicious foods are superfoods! Don’t believe us? Kale, berries, avocados, cacao, nuts, cinnamon and miso are just some examples of superfoods that do your body good. 

Read below for three reasons why superfoods are essential to a healthy lifestyle.


They boost our immune system.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to bad bacteria, viruses and germs, and we need a healthy immune system to fight them so we don’t get sick. One way to make our immune system stronger is by regularly getting plenty of Vitamins A, C and E. Superfoods like citrus fruits, broccoli, almonds, sunflower seeds, fatty fish, green and black teas and sweet potatoes are all rich in these vitamins. 


They keep our blood sugar levels where they should be.

A healthy diet is essential to your body’s sugar health. Make sure you eat foods with a low glycemic index to prevent your blood sugar from getting too high, and likewise, prevent diabetes. Superfoods like tomatoes, guava and beans pack a punch by having a low glycemic index and pumping your body with the healthy nutrients it craves. 


They can help us lose weight. 

To lose weight, most people assume you have to eat less and count calories. While portion control is a factor, that’s not entirely true! Instead, fill your body with whole, healthy superfoods that keep you full, boost your energy levels and give your body the vitamins and nutrients it really needs. Superfoods like spinach, watermelon, bell peppers, sweet potatoes and salmon are rich in protein, potassium, Vitamin C and omega-3s, which help reduce hunger and build muscle mass.


To your health!


Megan Mae

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